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Huntress Below

Post-121 Huntress Below Body: Legacy F Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5 Skin: :[P]:- Lazulien Skin (Femme):// Lithia Hair: DOUX – Sins Outfit: Fika – Asherah Set @Mermaid Cove June 12th Accessories: Cynefin ~ Nemissa @Equal10, Decoy – Sea Royalty Gacha: Trident (Black) Backdrop/Scene: JIAN :: Great White Shark


Post-119 Body: [ INITHIUM ] KUPRA HD BOM Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Fleur.2.5 Skin: Sibilla WHYNOT SKIN _ Suzanna_City Hair: DOUX – Karol Makeup: VELOUR: “Lolita” HD Lips Tattoo: APOTHIC // Venus . Tattoos Outfit: [ Phy.Ka ]- Lady Godiva – Leather Accessories: -[ Phy.Ka ]- Piercing Lady Godiva, -Pretty Liars- Boob Slapper Backdrop/Scene: PALETO.Backdrop:. Halloween Night Taxi’s:Continue reading “Marrow”

Sinful Glow

Post-116 Sinful Glow Body: [ INITHIUM ] KUPRA HD BOM Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0 Skin: .MILA. Izabelle Skin Hair: DOUX – Aurora Makeup: Marcelline Lipstick @ Pretty Event Nails: Avada~ Stiletto Musique Nails Outfit: Lovely. Foxy Suit @Pretty Event Accessories: RAWR! PsycHOTic Choker, Sibilla 105_MyHair_Kupra (Gift for group members!) Backdrop/Scene: FOXCITY. Photo Booth –Continue reading “Sinful Glow”

Soul Keeper

Post-115 Soul Keeper Body: Legacy F Base Avatar: Psicorp Shark Modkit: {GHOSTED} DEVIL’S ORCHID – DEPTHS @Abormality Hair: /TRUTH/ Labyrinth Nails: RAWR! Midnight Nails Outfit: Normandy-TURBO.Bodysuit @Abormality, cinphul // raptor Accessories: SFU – Gehenna Halo Backdrop/Scene: VARONIS – Dayport Backdrop, ::Static:: Nightmariner’s Lamp Taxi’s: Abormality:

Spirit Guide

Post-114 Spirit Guide Body: Legacy F Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5 Skin: DeeTaleZ – Addison – NORDIC Hair: TRUTH Meadow – Essential Tattoo: -Elemental- ‘Venious’ Makeup @WE<3RP, Nefekalum Tattoos – Death Becomes @WE<3RP Outfit: Overpowered Armor + [aii} Accessories: [ContraptioN] Ride of Delusion, DREAMCATCHER // Vampire’s cloak @Ritual, PENDULUM – ILVISAR.ArmorRings, Zibska Asteria Moons @Ritual Backdrop/Scene: MINIMAL –Continue reading “Spirit Guide”


Post-113 Glimmering Body: [ INITHIUM ] KUPRA HD BOM Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0 Skin: .MILA. Izabelle Skin Hair: DOUX – Mishi Makeup: {TRAMPZ} – GOLD DIGGER LIPGLOSS Nails: Sibilla 100_CALIFORNIA TIPS 2 Outfit: Sibilla 083_WETSHIRT, Sibilla 056_Le Gings Backdrop/Scene: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Me Time Taxi’s: Sibilla:


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